Upon a first conviction, you will lose your license for 90 days (one year for a CDL.) If you are convicted of DUI or lose your license administratively, you may not drive at all for 30 days. You may obtain a ‘limited/unlimited’ license after the first 30 days, provided you comply with all DMV requirements: complete an approved alcohol class, pass the written and vision, pay a reinstatement fee, obtain SR22 insurance, and have an ignition interlock device installed for the remaining 60 days of the 90-day revocation. You do not have to obtain a limited/unlimited. You may simply decide not to drive for the 60 optional days. But because you get credit for the costs of the ignition interlock device against any court fine, there’s no reason not to obtain the limited/unlimited.


You may then reinstate your license fully after 90 days from the start of revocation. You must (mandatory) comply with all of the requirements above, including the ignition interlock for another 6 months. You may not ‘wait out’ the ignition interlock period by not driving.


For a second offense, the revocation period is for one year (lifetime CDL loss.) You may obtain a limited/unlimited after 90 days and drive for the remaining 9 months of the revocation period, as long as you comply with the requirements set above, and have the interlock for the remaining 9 months. At the end of the one year revocation period, you must have the interlock for an additional year.


If yours is a third or greater offense, I will be glad to discuss the license penalties in detail.