I do not charge for an initial consultation to discuss the basic facts of your case, the general laws of DUI, as well as the possible consequences.


It is important to me that you feel comfortable and confident with me as your attorney, and I’m willing to take some time at no cost to you in order that you may evaluate me as a lawyer.


One note: I am frequently asked to give a quick opinion as to whether a case is defensible, or I’m asked to quickly read the police reports and give an opinion. Any lawyer who gives an opinion about the merits of a DUI case based on what you recall of it or based on a cursory reading of the police reports isn’t a lawyer of merit. Police reports give very little information that might help you. All the substance of a DUI case is contained in the recordings and as a result of the DMV administrative hearing. DUIs are defended almost exclusively on the police making a technical mistake, and if the officer made one, it won’t be written up in the report (because he or she won’t realize it’s a mistake.)