The answer is simple: Tell them ‘I want to speak with an attorney.’

Under Alaska Statute 12.45.150(b,) you have the IMMEDIATE right, after arrest, to speak with an attorney, a family member or a friend. The police cannot delay your making a phone call.

Moreover, if you are under arrest you have the absolute privilege under the Fourth Amendment to the US and Alaska constitutions not to incriminate yourself.

There are times the police will state that you are not under arrest, that you are free to leave, that all they want is for you to provide information that will clear you. Although most police officers are honest, they are hired to perform a job, which is to gather evidence. If they have you at the police station, their purpose is not to exonerate you. It is to gather evidence.

I have had many cases over the years in which other evidence, physical evidence, was lacking … but my client put himself or herself into hot water because of statements made to the police.

My strongest advice: Remain silent except for that one phrase: ‘I want to speak with my lawyer. Now.’